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Zeus Engitech Pvt. Ltd.: Pioneering Telescopic Conveyor Systems manufacturer in India

At Zeus Engitech Pvt. Ltd., we pride ourselves on our 29 years of experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art telescopic conveyor systems. Our dedication to innovation and quality has established us as a leading telescopic conveyor system manufacturer in India.

The Innovation of Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Our telescopic belt conveyors are the backbone of efficient material handling. Developed to be robust and trusted, these conveyors extend deep into trucks or shipping containers, lowering loading and unloading times substantially. As a telescopic belt conveyor manufacturer in India, we make sure that each system is customized to fulfill the distinct needs of our clients, providing a smooth and automated flow of operations.

Mobile Telescopic Conveyors: Flexibility Meets Efficiency

In a market where flexibility is key, our mobile telescopic conveyors stand apart for their ability to move freely throughout the storage facility floor. As a mobile telescopic conveyors manufacturer in India, Zeus Engitech Pvt. Ltd. offers solutions that are not just effective but likewise boost the safety and ergonomics for workers.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

At Zeus Engitech Pvt. Ltd., our dedication to quality is unwavering. With nearly three years of competence, we have honed our craft and became a beacon of innovation in the manufacturing sector. Our telescopic conveyor systems are more than just devices; they are a promise of dependability Telescopic conveyor system manufacturer in india and effectiveness, ensuring that our customers stay ahead in the competitive landscape of material handling.

Revolutionizing Material Handling Across Industries

Our telescopic belt conveyors are created to serve a wide range of markets, consisting of:

• Cement Industries: Enhancing efficiency in the motion of cement bags.

• Salt Industries: Ensuring the delicate handling of salt and preventing contamination.

• Minerals: Facilitating the transfer of numerous minerals with ease.

• Brick Clay and Ceramics Industries: Providing trustworthy solutions for the ceramics sector.

• Warehouses & Storage Houses: Optimizing area and enhancing inventory management.

• Paper Industries: Streamlining the transport of paper products.

• Biomass Industries: Supporting the renewable energy sector with robust systems.

• Solid Waste Handling: Contributing to ecological sustainability.

• Tire and Rubber Industries: Accelerating the production line with advanced conveyors.

Technical Excellence in Every Conveyor

Our mobile telescopic conveyors are a testament to our technical expertise. With a belt width of up to 2500 mm and a capacity of approximately 2000 TPH for bulk material, our conveyors are built to deal with significant loads. For bagged materials, we offer conveyors with a capacity of approximately 1000 BPH, ensuring that no matter the application, Zeus Engitech Pvt. Ltd. has the best option for your Mobile telescopic conveyors market.


When it comes to telescopic belt conveyor producers in India, Zeus Engitech Pvt. Ltd. sticks out for its unparalleled experience and technical specs that fulfill the varied requirements of modern industries. Contact us to discover how our services can boost your operations.

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